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Who is Victor Timely? Victor Timely in the MCU, Explained

Comic panel of Victor Timely raising an arm as he speaks.

If you stayed for the post-credit scenes in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, then you saw the debut of the Kang variant Victor Timely. But who is Victor Timely? Does he have a history in the comics? Here’s what you need to know.

Warning: major spoilers ahead for Quantumania.

Who is Victor Timely in Marvel comics?

Two panels from a Marvel comic. One shows a flying saucer descending on a small town. The other shows a man in a suit gesturing to an audience. The captions explain that this is Victor Timely, a Kang variant who travels to 1901 Wisconsin.
(Marvel Comics)

In the original comics, the time-traveling supervillain Kang the Conqueror shows up in present-day Washington D.C., where he takes on the Avengers. After a long fight, he’s defeated, but he hatches another plan for world domination.

Kang goes back to 1901 Wisconsin, where he takes on the alter-ego Victor Timely. As Timely, Kang establishes the town of Timely and becomes its mayor. He also creates a company called Timely Industries, which specializes in robotics and other futuristic tech. From his base in Wisconsin, Kang slowly amasses power in a bid to take on the Avengers again in the present day.

In the comics, you may see references to Victor Timely Jr. and Victor Timely III. These are all the same Kang variant. Since he exists outside of normal time, he has to periodically pretend to die of old age, but he comes back as his own son, and later his grandson.

Who is Victor Timely in the MCU?

Kang without his helmet in Quantumania.
(Marvel Entertainment)

Like everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Timely’s onscreen counterpart may be only loosely adapted from the source material. It’s too soon to know for sure, though.

In the second post-credit scene in Quantumania, we see Timely standing on a stage, demonstrating some kind of contraption he’s built and hinting to the audience that he knows how to control time. In the audience, Loki and Mobius look on as Loki tries to convince Mobius that the mild-mannered inventor in front of them is a threat.

That’s really all we know about the MCU’s Victor Timely so far: that he’s one of the infinite Kang variants who are now infiltrating the multiverse. We’ll probably catch up with him in Loki season 2, but for now, you can get a brief glimpse in Quantumania.

(featured image: Marvel Comics)

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