The cast of Gen V next to a headless Homelander statue

‘Gen V’ Saved Its Biggest Cameos for the Finale

With Gen V season 1 coming to an end, many fans are wondering which characters from The Boys make an appearance in the finale—and if Antony Starr’s Homelander is among them.

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Spoilers ahead for Gen V!

Homelander is arguably the most famous hero in The Boys and in the world of its spinoff, Gen V. A vandalized statue of the superhero is featured in the promotional art for Gen V as a representation of the characters fighting back against Vought and the larger institutions of power.

And yes, Homelander finally makes an appearance in the season 1 finale of Gen V.

Ashley, one of the main PR people for Vought International and a recurring character on The Boys, calls for Homelander to stop the attacks on the human students of Godolkin University. Homelander, however, sides with super-supremacists Cate Dunlap and Sam Riordan and allows the massacre to continue.

Vought International pins the blame for the attack on protagonists Marie, Andre, Jordan, and Emma, and designates Cate and Sam the heroes who stepped up to stop it. This indicates that the two are going to be the main antagonists in the next season of Gen V, if not outright lieutenants of Homelander. Remember that, as of season 3 of The Boys, Homelander is a politician and will probably be looking for help in convincing young people to vote for him.

Gen V has also made clear the dangers of the supe virus, as well as all the reasons main characters / organizations like Billy Butcher, Victoria Neuman, Homelander, and Vought will likely spend season 4 of The Boys fighting over it.

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