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Japan Is Getting Iron Man 3 In Smell-O-Vision

Japan :D

OK, technically it’s called 4DX, not Smell-O-Vision, and “odor effects” is only one part of it. But “4DX” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

When Iron Man 3 comes out in Nagoya it’ll be the first film released in Japan using the fancy new 4DX system, first used in Seoul with 2009’s Avatar. But what does 4DX add to a screening? Writes The Hollywood Reporter,

“‘Fourth dimension’ effects utilized by the system include strobe lights and equipment in the ceiling that can drop bubbles down upon the audience…

Also tilting seats, fog, blowing wind, and the aforementioned odor effects. So it’s like a high-powered movie/rollercoaster, where instead of normal movie theater/theme park smells like stale popcorn and body odor you’ll get… I don’t know, the smell of Tony Stark’s shattered hopes and dreams? Roses and sunshine (that one’s Don Cheadle)? Pure, concentrated efficiency (Pepper, obviously)? What does the giant plush rabbit smell like?

Presumably the odor effects will be something boring like smelling wind as Tony zooms through the air, or smoke after the Mandarin explodes something, though. Bah.

4DX tickets will cost an extra $13 (1,300 yen) or $10 on top of the regular ticket price (which averages $12.50 in Japan), depending on whether the movie is in 3D or 2D. In addition to Japan and South Korea, there are currently 4DX theaters in China, Mexico, Thailand, Israel, Russia, and several countries in South America. If any of our U.S. readers are lamenting not being able to pay double for potential headaches, motion sickness, and unpredictable smells, worry not: The CJ Group, which makes 4DX, is planning to bring it to the U.S. this year.

Hopefully it’ll be here by the time The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug comes out. I want a soft forest-scented breeze to waft across the room every time Legolas shows up.

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