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This Clever Infinity War-Inspired Spider-Man Halloween Decoration Is TOO SOON

Kids (from one to 92) may love dressing up as superheroes for Halloween, but with a few exceptions, they’re not generally the most morbid fodder for the season. Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War changed that in a big way, though, and this clever Spider-Man lawn decoration has inspired both respect and ugly crying in us.

As you can see in the photo above, a Twitter user posted an image of her friend’s remarkably devious Halloween decor creation, which depicts one of the most heartbreaking moments in Marvel’s emotional roller coaster of a movie—the “death,” or “dusting,” of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man at the snapping, bedazzled hand of Thanos. (Complete with pumpkin-man Tony Stark looking on helplessly.)

We have to agree: This is not OK … but it is wonderfully creative, using the fall leaves to stand in for the much-memed dust that so many of our favorite heroes faded into.

It’s bad enough in a still picture, but … imagine when those fall winds blow and the leaves flutter away, and just try to keep a dry eye. After seeing kids’ reactions to the end of the movie, I have a feeling some parents may well be steering clear of the new most horrifying house on the block.

Thankfully, we shouldn’t have to go through hurtfully creative emotional manipulation like this every year, after Avengers 4 comes to our rescue well before next Halloween. We’re drawing ever closer to the upcoming sequel, finally just about crossing the six-month mark in the two movies’ roughly one-year gap, which also gives us some pretty strong mixed emotions:

“Yay, we’ve only got six months to go! Halfway!”

“Holy crap, it feels like it’s been six years since Infinity War, and we still have exactly that same amount of time left to wait.”

But we should get some relief from our impatience in the near future, as the trailer has been confirmed to release before the end of the year, and the going theory is that it’s coming sometime before the end of November. The first Infinity War trailer landed at the end of the preceding November, and with the movies sharing a release timeframe, it makes sense that the timing of their marketing would follow a similar pattern.

Although, while that movie may undo some of the emotional wounds inflicted by Infinity War, it promises to bring its own, likely more permanent ones, so we may not have seen the last of Halloween decorations that feel like personal attacks.

(via Facebook, featured image: Marvel Entertainment)

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