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Improv Everywhere Stages Huge Line for 99 Cent Store on Black Friday [Video]

The folks at Improv Everywhere sure know how to find a deal on Black Friday. They didn’t pay more than 99 cents for anything that morning. That’s because they staged a huge line outside of a 99 cent store on the shopping holiday. They even had pretend security and a fake news team there to cover the “event.”

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If you’re unfamiliar with Improv Everywhere, they’re a group of improvisors that do, well, stuff like this. They like to get large groups to do interesting things in a place. They once staged a scene from Star Wars on the subway, for example. They do a lot of subway-based humor, but being in New York that’s to be expected.

One tenant of Improv Everywhere is that the events they stage are meant to make life better for the people who see them. In this case, we have to assume the 99 cent store had a banner sales day.

Oh, Improv Everywhere, you so crazy.

(via YouTube)

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