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Improv Everywhere Turns The NYC Subway System to the Dark Side

Whether its organizing flashmobs, freezing time, or throwing birthday parties for unsuspecting strangers, Improv Everywhere makes people laugh with no shortage of flair. And this time they’ve outdone themselves in the geek department. Things started out at a weirdness level that could just spontaneously happen in New York: Princess Leah boards a subway train reading Galactic Rebellion for Dummies. But she cannot hide there for long, as the dark side is always hunting those with goodness in their hearts and Jedi in their family tree.

Watch below to see Leah’s New York subway ordeal.

On, not to be confused with, you can see the behind-the-scenes work, including how it was really depressing and rainy outside. Poor stormtroopers, out in the cold, their armor damp and soggy. Well, that’s what you get for being part of the dark side. Then again, they could always take a hike over to the supremely sinisterly named Mustafar system to dry off.

They look so chipper without their helmets.

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