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Heather Heyer’s Mom Has No Time or Patience for Trump’s False Condolences

A couple of days ago, we watched with heartbreak as Susan Bro, mother of Charlottesville activist Heather Heyer, spoke at a memorial service for her daughter. She spoke to the fact that she wanted her daughter's death to count for something, and encouraged all of us not to let it have been in vain, but to fight injustice as her daughter no doubt would have continued to do. Bro is now putting that into practice.

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Our Favorite 12-Year-Old Cartoonist Had the Perfect Response to Trump and Charlottesville

While I find myself in heated arguments with many adults about the events in Charlottesville, my favorite take on the matter was created by a brilliant pre-teen. Out of the mouth (and pen) of babes comes wisdom and truth.

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The Internet Had the Best Responses to Trump’s “Both Sides” White Supremacy Defense

Yesterday, Donald Trump attempted to use his late condemnation of white supremacy as a shield against criticism while he blamed "both sides" for violence and death that resulted from white supremacists. His statements drew criticism from the media—generally noting that he'd gone back to his Saturday "many sides" position that everyone but white supremacists found unacceptable—as well as politicians, but leave it to the internet to truly rake him over the coals.

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Where Is the Money I Was Promised for Attending All of These Protests?

Please find my invoice attached.

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Fuck No, “Many Sides” Are Not to Blame for Charlottesville. White Supremacists Are.

Speaking to the press about Charlottesville, Trump condemned the "egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides." But the hatred and bigotry belong to one side - the side of white supremacy.

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Aww, Look at This Poor Breitbart Editor Being Personally Attacked by Vogue, Jennifer Lawrence & the Statue of Liberty

Predictably, Carney's response to everyone laughing at him for losing it over a picture of the Statue of Liberty was to say that we were all "triggered." Yes, that's right. Us. Not the man who can't look at a magazine cover.

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New Hidden Figures-Inspired STEM Initiative Shows the Importance of Media Representation

And now for a change of pace: some good news from the government! Hidden Figures may have run its traditional theatrical course, but it hasn't faded from the minds of those it might inspire. In fact, the United States State Department was bombarded with so many screening requests from foreign embassies that a publicly funded exchange for women in STEM is now in the works.

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Giant Inflatable Trump Chicken Behind the White House Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

It's a weird news week.

Hey, you know what can take the edge off of ever-escalating saber-rattling between world leaders who possess nuclear weapons? What if a protestor brought a giant inflatable chicken version of one of them right to where he lives—most of the time, when he's not visiting one of his own resorts, that is? Yeah, I thought that might help.

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Not the Onion: Narcissist-in-Chief Reportedly Gets Twice-Daily Fix of Positive Press

Since you are what you eat, we can verifiably say that Donald Trump's media diet is crap, but he at least seems fairly committed to watching negative segments about himself, if only so he has material for his regularly scheduled angry tweets. A happy man-baby is more useful to the rest of his team, though, so Vice News reports that Trump's administration has been putting together a twice-daily folder of positive news about him.

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Donald Trump Is Now on a 17-Day Vacation. When Was Your Last Vacation?

Good riddance.

To reward himself for a job poorly done, Donald Trump is leaving on a jetplane for an extended stay at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey. I wish we didn't know when he'll be back again.

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We Took Two Steps Forward and Too Many Steps Back on Abortion Rights This Week

(Any steps back are too many.)

This past week has been a pretty hectic one in the sphere of American politics, but since Donald Trump was elected—nay, launched his presidential campaign in 2015—when hasn’t it been? The Department of Justice is busy investigating racism against white college applicants; Ivanka Trump is pissed people actually expect her to do things ever since that time she, you know, identified herself as a feminist activist; and Rosie O’Donnell is calling for women to form our own political party.

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Trump Apparently Dictated His Son’s “Misleading” Statement About That Russia Meeting

Trump was personally involved—nay, responsible—for the contents of Don Jr.'s initial, wholly inaccurate statement about How I Met Your Russian Lawyer. Remember that first claim about how Jr.'s meeting with Russians at Trump tower was about adoption and ultimately inconsequential? Yeah, the false one! That was Trump's doing. The hits, they just keep landing on our body politic.

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Trump Fires Anthony Scaramucci After 10 Days & Twitter Is Having Its Best Day Ever

The Mooch, he is loose.

Oh, Anthony Scaramucci, we hardly knew ye.

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Could the First Amendment Prevent Trump From Blocking You on Twitter?

A federal judge recently ruled that public officials cannot engage in "viewpoint discrimination" when blocking users from their public social media profiles. What could this mean for @realdonaldtrump?

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For Your Enjoyment: Women of Congress Wrecking Trump Administration Officials

Reclaiming their time.

Two women in the Senate, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, killed the GOP's efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act last night despite immense pressure and, in Murkowski's case, threat of political repercussions. Murkowski called that bluff, though, and took things a step further to show the Trump administration that she will not be pushed around by their tough guy act.

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Forget McCain – Thank a Red-State Protester, a Woman Senator, or a Disability Rights Activist Today

John McCain cast a crucial, life-saving vote to prevent the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - but the real work was done by thousands of ordinary, activist Americans and his Senate colleagues, Murkowski and Collins.

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The Trump Administration Launched More Than One Attack on LGBTQIA Rights Yesterday

There's a lot going on with the Trump administration right now, so much so that it's hard to stay on top of it. While Trump himself was making anti-transgender proclamations on Twitter yesterday, the Department of Justice was working away quietly to erode LGBTQIA rights in their own way.

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Recovering From Brain Surgery, John McCain Cast the Deciding Vote in Advancing the Obamacare Repeal

Twitter is not feeling the need to be kind.

John McCain took a break from recovering from brain surgery to fly across the country and participate in today's senate vote. The internet is not holding its tongue in telling him why that's terrible.

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Republican Senator Susan Collins Accidentally Tells Us How She Really Feels on Hot Mic

Hello? Is this thing off?

Republicans (especially their President) have made some increasingly ridiculous public statements lately, which has left us to only imagine what they're keeping to themselves ... until they accidentally spill it on a hot mic, that is. That's exactly what happened with Republican Senators Susan Collins and Jack Reed today, and it's equal parts frightening, absurd, and hilarious—well, maybe not exactly equal.

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This Week Really Showed How the Anti-Abortion Debate Is About Power and Control

Since the dawn of time, it’s always been abundantly clear that, at the heart of conservative opposition to abortion rights, is conservative opposition to women having sex without the purpose of having children. But if events this week have taught us anything, it’s that the debate is also fundamentally rooted in power and control.

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