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Thingstarter is Back to Help Get Your “Creative” Adult Children Out of Your House

Millennials. What am are I you even doing with my your life lives?

Adult kids living at home and trying to pursue their dreams, amirite? Ugh. What are they going to do? Start a blog? Gross. Get those lazy so-and-sos on the right track by funding their real lives with RealLifeStarter. Or pretend to anyway. It’s not a real thing. Just the latest episode os Thingstarter.

We really love these Thingstarter videos. Sadly, this video is labeled on YouTube as “Ep. 6 of 6” so it’s unclear when or if there will be more, but we want there to be more. So many more.

Also, fun fact: “Gabriel” in this video is play by Patrick Waldo and his story about drawing the word “Moustache” on advertisements is 100% true. Waldo was eventually arrested for his vandalism, but it lasted for more than a year before he was caught. He performed a show about it at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater here in New York. It’s a really great story.

(via Above Average)

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