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Supreme Court of Iceland Will Rule on Destruction of Elf Habitat, Our Supreme Court Seems Extra Boring Today

Occupy Rivendell.


A highway project in Iceland has been halted as elf advocates have taken to protesting the project’s completion, because it will disturb the elves who live there. Yes, elves, as in the mythical creatures. A 2007 study by the University of Iceland uncovered that 62% of people surveyed wouldn’t say for sure that elves don’t exist.

People have turned out in droves to protect what is apparently an elf church that sits in the highway’s path. We didn’t realize that elves even went to church. Then again, we didn’t realize that elves were real and came from Iceland, so we’ll defer to the experts on that one.

In fact, Elf concerns are such a common problem with construction in Iceland that their Road and Costal Commission has a prepared response for the interference, which goes: “Issues have been settled by delaying the construction project at a certain point while the elves living there have supposedly moved on.”

If you listen closely to that sentence, you can hear their eyes rolling. Or maybe that’s just the elves you hear.

Environmentalists are also involved in the protest with legitimate animal habitat destruction concerns, but when the Supreme Court of Iceland rules on the case brought before them by the Friends of Lava (the highway will run through a lava field, which sounds concerning in itself), elf concerns will be part of the discussion.

Hey, at least the people of Iceland are passionate about protecting their imaginary beings. We’d sure be a lot more invested in our own Supreme Court if it involved more elves.

(via The Independent, image via Jur66)

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