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SNL’s Best Sketch of the Week Was Stolen From Tig Notaro’s Even Better Short Film

Clown wars.

Tig Notaro has responded to Saturday Night Live's alleged plagiarism of her short film Clown Service, calling it "extremely disappointing."

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Humble Comedy Bundle Lets You Pay What You Want for Some Amazing Comedy Special

It benefits charity, and you get to watch comedy. Do this right now please.

Comedy is wonderful. So is helping charity, and so is getting things an amazing price. The Humble Comedy Bundle is combining all of those things into one thing! A bundle, if you will. You can pay what you want for some great comedy, and if you pay above the average you get even more great comedy.

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IFC’s Maron Premieres Friday… Or You Can Just Watch It Right Now

Marc Maron hosts one of the best podcasts on the Internet, WTF with Marc Maron, and now he's hoping to parlay some of that success into the world of television with a new show on IFC. It premieres this Friday night, but because waiting for things is the worst they've put the first episode up online already. Check it out right here.

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Splitsider Introduces $5 DRM-Free Distribution Channel With The Exquisite Corpse Project

One of the challenges in both filmmaking and comedy is getting your work to the audience. The Internet has helped make great strides on that front, but just because someone can watch something online doesn't mean they will. Splitsider just launched a new service to distribute films and comedy specials for five dollars each, DRM-free. I spoke with Splitsider founder Adam Frucci about the project, and the film that inspired it.

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Charlie Brown’s Basically Louis C.K. in This Special Christmas Reunion Animation

If there's one thing missing from the Charlie Brown specials that continue to air, it's the fact that old Chuck should have probably grown up by now. It's pretty common for characters in comic strips to stay the same age for, well, forever, but it'd be nice to see our favorites all grown up. Thankfully, the fine folks at Animation Domination HD have gone and created a version where Charlie Brown is essentially Louis C.K. returning to his hometown after years in the city.

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Eric Idle Declares Today “Dick Day,” Celebrates by Releasing Play Online

Eric Idle from "What About Dick?" Eric Idle has declared it "Dick Day," and so "Dick Day" it must be. The Monty Python alum has been working with a group of British comedy legends and also Russell Brand on a project called What About Dick? which is being released online today for the low, low price of six dollars. Why not five dollars, which seems to have become the standard price for purchasing funny things online? We assume it has something to do with the exchange rate from American dollars into British currency. Then again, maybe it's just twenty percent funnier than anything else on the Internet.

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Louis C.K. Continues to Buck Tradition, Will Offer New HBO Special as DRM-Free Download

Of all the comedians out there to which folks are currently paying attention, Louis C.K. is probably the one being the most innovative. Amusingly, this has nothing to do with his ability to tell a joke, but more to do with the fact that he's continued to challenge the traditional distribution model. The man's circumvented the almighty TicketMaster in order to sell tickets directly to fans, and even sold a DRM-free comedy special directly to viewers in the past. He's at it again, too: Louis' going to offer an upcoming HBO special on his website, DRM-free, for $5 a few months after it airs.

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Louis C.K. Shirks TicketMaster, Sells Tour Tickets Directly to Fans for a Flat $45

Comedian Louis C.K. has quickly become something of an online innovator, working tirelessly to bring his work to the people as quickly and easily as possible. Denizens of the Internet will recall that when we last saw C.K., he was actually making money selling a DRM-free comedy special to fans over PayPal. Now, he's announced that he'll be selling super-cheap seats directly to fans at a flat rate -- no fees, no scalping, and no TicketMaster.

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Classic: Louis C.K. Talks Honestly About Father’s Day and Dads Who Should Step Up [Video]

Wise Words

It's Father's Day, and we already did a great post about the protagidads of geekdom. Now, for us comedy geeks, here is Louis C.K. in a video from CBS This Morning, talking honestly about becoming a dad, owning the role, and stepping up to the task and sharing your chicken cutlet. Happy Father's Day, dads! (via Gothamist)

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Louis C.K.’s Hilarious. For Free. Online.

We are normally wary of promoting random online promos, for which we receive many press releases; however, for this, we will make an exception henceforth called "the Louis C.K. exception." The funny and altogether brilliant comedian's stand-up movie Hilarious is available streaming on cable channel Epix's website if you register: Note that this requires supplying a real email address. Also, it appears that non-U.S. viewers are out of luck. But for everyone else: Free Louis C.K. standup video online. (via AV Club)

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