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Neil deGrasse Tyson Notices the Hubble Space Telescope’s Just an Orbiting Stanley Cup

Yeah, once you've seen this you can't really unsee it. It scorches the memory that way.

It’s not just you, Neil. The Hubble Space Telescope absolutely looks like the Stanley Cup, and now we’ll never be able to unsee it.

In fact, now we’re convinced that the famously well-traveled Cup — which travels with the NHL’s championship team for a few months every year — has a new destination on its bucket list: Space, where it can get its photo taken with its long-lost spiritual sibling. Now we just need to get a representative of the Hockey Hall of Fame, one of whom escorts the Cup in all of its many journeys, trained as an astronaut and make it happen. I’m just spitballing, Hockey Hall of Fame, but we know a recently unemployed Canadian who might be perfect for the job.

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