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How to Dress Like Geek Icons

Who says geeks don’t have style? Nerd Boyfriend is a sort of online lookbook comprised of photographs of geek celebrities past and present paired with suggested garments for copping their looks. According to the site’s editors, this vintage Einstein look can be approximated with a J. Crew crewneck sweater, wide-legged Luke Simon pants, and Grenson brown leather, white-soled boots.

(Though as the site’s comments illustrate, fashion geeks exist as well: Commenters point out that Einstein’s sweater sleeves are vertically-stitched raglan sleeves, whereas the J. Crew sweater has diagonally-stitched raglan sleeves.)

The site defines “geek” rather liberally; maybe geek/hipster would be more appropriate? (See: Willie Nelson; Lucian Freud; Robert De Niro.)

But there are still plenty of nerd-certified classic stylings. A few: Monty Python; guitar-wielding Leonard Nimoy; a young Ian McKellen.

(Nerd Boyfriend via Boing Boing)

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