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How Old Is Power In ‘Chainsaw Man’?

Y’all need to leave Power alone.

You can’t fool me. I know why you’re googling “how old is Power?” It’s the same reason why anyone googles the age of ANY anime character, to see if they are OF AGE. For what you ask? DON’T PLAY DUMB WITH ME. YOU’RE AN ANIME NERD. YOU THINK I DON’T KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN YOUR FILTHY MIND? AND THE ANIMATORS KNOW THAT TOO, THAT’S WHY YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS ARE DRAWN THAT WAY.

You wanna know how old Power from Chainsaw Man is? Fine. But don’t expect me to bail you out when you catch a charge. Pervert.

So how old is she?

I’m sure you sickos will be thrilled to know that this answer is complicated, and therefore “legally ambiguous”. Great. See the thing about Power is that she’s a devil from hell. You know, hell? The place that you’re bound to go when you die? That hell. And hell is been around for a while. Maybe even an eternity. Therefore, the denizens of hell are quite old. But how old are they? Well, to know that, we have to consider what creates devils in the first place: fear.

Fear has existed in a primal form in living things since living things first walked out of the ocean on slimy little legs and screamed “I AM ALIVE” to the cold stars above. However, devils tend to take the form of human fears. Some fears (like the fear of guns) are relatively new, but no less powerful. However, other fears like the fear of darkness are as old as humanity itself. Perhaps older. Power is known as the Blood Devil (technically the Blood Fiend, but we’ll get into that later).This means the she embodies the fear of blood. The fear blood is most likely ancient, and probably began when some caveman named Grog cut his hand on a sharp rock and saw that he was leaking. Pretty freaky. This means that Power is thousands and thousands of years old. Old as humanity itself. THIS STILL DOESN’T MAKE WHATEVER PERVERTED THOUGHTS YOU’RE HAVING FULLY LEGAL THOUGH, AND I’LL EXPLAIN WHY.

How will you get into trouble?

This is how: remember how I said that power is the Blood Fiend? Well, fiends are created when a devil possesses the body of a deceased human being. Power possessed the body of a girl. A dead girl. A DEAD GIRL WHO IS WAS PROBABLY STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. This makes what you’re thinking fucked up on SO MANY LEVELS. EVEN IF SHE HAD JUST TURNED 18 IT’S STILL NECROPHILIA.

If I was your lawyer, I would say LEAVE POWER ALONE. Why don’t you focus on Makima? She’s also ancient, and I’m sure she’d love to make good use of all your disgusting thoughts. You could be her dog along with Denji! I bet you’d love that, wouldn’t you?

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