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Who Is Makima In ‘Chainsaw Man’?

She’s a girl who’s acquaintance you don’t wanna make, if you know what’s good for you.

So if you don’t know who Denji is, read this article. You’re gonna need this info in order to get Makima’s angle.

If you’re lazy like me and won’t read it, here’s the gist: Sad boy Denji + Cute devil puppy Pochita = Chainsaw Man. Chainsaw Man + Zombie Devil who wants to fight = Dead Zombie Devil.

Makima is a Public Safety Devil Hunter, meaning that she is tasked by the government to hunt down and kill devils that are causing problems in Tokyo. She is assigned to kill the Zombie Devil, but is surprised to find that the Denji + Pochita combination of Chainsaw Man has done it first. Makima gives Denji an ultimatum: become her pet or she will kill him on the spot. Denji chooses the former. Good choice.

Or was it?

Makima is a craft-ass devil. After all, she is the Control Devil. This means that she is the embodiment of the fear of control and conquest. Needless to say, this means that she can be quite Machiavellian when pressed. And when not pressed. She’s basically a cold blooded operator 100% of the time. She appears sweet and innocent on the outside, but this is only to manipulate Denji into working for her as a member of Tokyo Special Division 4, a small task force of fiends and hybrids who eliminate public safety threats. He primary concern is hunting down killing the fearsome Gun Devil, a powerful devil who embodies the (you guessed it) fear of guns, but she quickly realizes that she needs to keep a close eye on Denji so the nations of the world don’t try to use him as a super weapon to further their own ends.

So how does Makima keep Denji safe?

Well, being un-killable helps. See, Makima has a supernatural contract with the Prime Minister of Japan that stimulates that whenever she receives fatal damage, that damage will be transferred to a random citizen of Japan. That means that if she takes both barrels of a shotgun to the face, somebody’s gonna have to peel the bloody remains of some sweet old lady off the sidewalk.

Judging by the fact that she’s totally okay with this, one can see that she’s not exactly a “warm and fuzzy” type.

She is able to fake it, however. Being the Control Devil, she’s quite good at making people do what she wants, Denji included. And what does a teenage boy want more than anything else in the world? Let your minds get dirty for a second. Yes, Denji wants that. And Makima promises to give him all that and more if he just does exactly what she says when she says it.

But is Makima really content to work as a Public Safety agent forever? Or does she have some secret agenda for doing what she does? You’ll just have to watch the anime and find out.

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