Who Is Power In Chainsaw Man?

In the fascinating world of Chainsaw Man, there are three basic types of supernatural beings: devils, hybrids, and fiends.

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A devil is a denizen of hell that prays on the fears of humanity. Each devil is linked with a different fear. The Chainsaw Devil embodies the fear of chainsaws. The gun devil embodies the fear of guns. The blood devil embodies the … you get the idea. In most cases, devils appear as horrifying infernal entities, and can form contracts with humans. Makima is a devil. A hybrid is a human and devil that have combined their powers via contract. They have limited powers when compared to devils, and can manifest a part human/part devil form that is used for combat. Denji is a hybrid. Last but not least, a fiend is a devil that has possessed a human corpse. They look like regular humans (albeit with a few horns) and can effectively masquerade as a person. They lack the raw power of devils, and are able to temporarily transform into their “devil form” for a short amount of time.

Power is the last type of these three creatures, a Blood Fiend. Technically, she is the Blood Devil, who possessed the corpse of a young girl. She currently works as a Public Safety Devil Hunter under the supervision of Makima. She is chaotic, ruthless, and tons of fun. Power lives life in pursuit of a good time, and is not opposed to killing and eating a human here and there to have one. She is completely self-interested, and has no qualms about about abandoning her squad and fleeing from a fight if the situation gets hairy. She is perfectly willing to let her team mates die in order to save herself, and has no affection for anything on the planet. With one exception.

Power has a kitty cat named Meowy, and yes their relationship is a cute as it sounds. Power will do anything for Meowy, as Meowy is the only creature on earth that the Blood Fiend truly loves. She was even willing to go so far as to offer Denji has a human sacrifice in order to appease a devil that had taken Meowy hostage. We get it, Power. Meowy is really adorable, and any cat parent knows that they would do unspeakable things in order to ensure the safety of their furry child. Lord knows I would. Maybe I should get a job killing devils too.

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