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How Many Volumes of ‘Chainsaw Man’ Are There?

Chainsaw man Manga cover

Chainsaw Man is taking over the world right now.

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If you don’t know what Chainsaw Man is about, read this article here. If you’re lazy like me and don’t want to expend precious calories clicking the above link, then I will give a brief description: Man + Chainsaws for hands = Chainsaw Man. Chainsaw Man + Devils = Violence. Violence + Cool Plot = Good Manga. If you’re not good at math, then I’ll put it in simple English: Chainsaw Man is about a boy who fuses with a devil made of chainsaws to kill other devils and win the love of his toxic crush. It’s kind of impossible not to love. You might have seen the new anime, or you might be a total CSM virgin. That’s okay, we were all virgins once. In this case, the only cure is to allow yourself to be artistically penetrated by the story of Chainsaw Man and his pals. I recommend starting with the manga. That way you don’t have to wait for the Chainsaw Man anime to be completed. Who wants to wait to lose their virginity? Nerds, that’s who.

But Reading Makes My Head Hurt, How Much Do I Have To Read?

You may want to get your eyes checked, because you’ve got quite a bit of reading to do if you wanna go all the way with Chainsaw Man. So far, there are 11 volumes of the Chainsaw Man manga. They are as follows:

  • Volume 1 – Dog & Chainsaw
  • Volume 2 – Chainsaw vs. Bat
  • Volume 3 – Kill Denji 
  • Volume 4 – The Gun is Mightier
  • Volume 5 – Minor
  • Volume 6 – Boom Boom Boom
  • Volume 7 – In a Dream
  • Volume 8 – Super Mess 
  • Volume 9 – Bath
  • Volume 10 – A Dog’s Feeling
  • Volume 11 – Good Luck, Chainsaw Man

Off that bat (or chainsaw) you can see that this series has some rather droll titles. The Gun Is Mightier is quite good. This is a horror/comedy series, after all.

If I Go All The Way With Chainsaw Man Is He Just Going To Leave Me After Volume 11? I Want Long Term Commitment!

Well lucky for you, the 12th volume of Chainsaw Man called Bird and War is currently being released on a weekly basis in Shonen Jump. It isn’t out as an independent book yet, but you can bet it will be once Volume 12 is finished!

Just One More Volume? I Need More Than That To Feel Secure In Our Relationship.

There’s one more volume coming out so far, but there will be plenty more in the future! Keep in mind, Chainsaw Man is only in its second arc. You two have only made it to second base! There will be at least four or five more arcs to come. You’ll reach fourth base with the fourth arc comes out. I don’t exactly know what will happen at fifth base if they decide to put out arc #5. I have some ideas, but none that I can share on this website.

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