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‘The Boys’ Stars and Creators Delve Into Bonkers Herogasm Episode

Avert your eyes.

Chace Crawford in Amazon's 'The Boys'.

***SPOILER ALERT: This post discusses the events of episode 6, season 3 of The Boys.***

Well, they did it, those crazy sons of bitches did it! Amazon dropped episode 6 of the third season of ‘The Boys’ which brought the comic’s notorious superhero orgy Herogasm to life. The Boys is no stranger to explicit content, be it sexual, violent, or a combination of both. After all, the season opener saw the most graphic and brutal portrayal of prostate play gone wrong ever filmed. But fans were eager to see what kind of madness the series had in store for Herogasm. And we weren’t disappointed! Flying dildos, electrical play, buckets of lube, ice and fire. The Boys certainly didn’t hold back on the kink and shocking set pieces.

But while The Boys has made its name for itself with these kinds of sequences, there is always an emotional underpinning to the outrageous moments. And while “Herogasm” rightfully is making waves for kinky superhero sex, it’s a pivotal emotional episode for its core characters. We finally get the confrontation between Homelander and Soldier Boy who, along with an enhanced Billy Butcher, beat the snot out of Homelander. We see Mother’s Milk come face to face with Soldier Boy, desperate to avenge his family.

And we finally see an enhanced Hughie stand up to A-Train for murdering Robin, the inciting incident of the entire series. Hughie is ready for a fight and pumped up from V-24, but he meets a surprisingly contrite A-Train, who is still dealing with the brutal injury of his brother at the hands of racist supe Blue Hawk. A-Train apologizes sincerely to Hughie, and Hughie is so confused and thrown off that he punches A-Train in the face. Later, A-Train avenges his brother by brutally murdering Blue Hawk, and his efforts give him a heart attack.

Series showrunner Eric Kripke said of the episode, “Like everything on this show, there’s madness on the front of the cereal boxes, it’s outrageousness, but there’s a lot of fiber in that cereal. I think Herogasm works because it’s a big enough event that it smashes together a lot of different characters with a lot of different conflicts, and it all comes to a head at Herogasm, excuse the terrible pun. It’s that depth, and it’s those emotional betrayals and those confrontations that give it weight and heft that you feel like, ‘Oh, this is a big event,’ because of what the characters are doing. Not because there’s a bunch of naked supes everywhere.”

Jack Quaid added, “I did like that Hughie and A-Train finally had a little confrontation within the Herogasm scene. There’s a lot left unsaid there. I really enjoyed what Jessie [T. Usher] was doing. I think that there’s more of an understanding between those two than there usually has been, even though that ends with a punch. I think that they come to understand each other a little bit more, and know each other, and see something from the other person’s perspective.”

The Boys is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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