Historical Figure Valentine’s Day Cards are Pun-Tastic

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Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for awful puns, but artist Ben Kling takes it a step further with his historical figures series of Valentine cards. You Kant believe you went all day without seeing these. On his cards, Kling has taken the likenesses of famous dictators, philosophers, U.S. statesmen, and a few surprising additions to create a set of truly charming and somewhat educational Valentines that you can print out and give to your sweety. And should he or she fail to recognize the significance of the featured historical figure, you can politely inform that they failed the test. See the rest, after the break.

Tesla was celibate, get it? No? Kate Beaton explains.

Since these were brought to our attention by the amazing Kate Beaton, it only seems fair that we direct your attention to her strip featuring Kierkegaard.

(Ben Kling via Kate Beaton)

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