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Hank Chien Sets New Donkey Kong High Score

Ever since King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, people have been keeping up with Donkey Kong high scores a little more than one would generally follow high scores for 1981 video game in 2012. Thanks to King of Kong we know kind-of-villain Billy Mitchell, and his rival Steve Wiebe. However, those paying attention to the scene will know Hank Chien, who set a new high score of 1,061,700 over Billy Mitchell’s 1,050,200. Now, Chien has set an even higher world record score.

Beating his own previous record, the New York City plastic surgeon’s new record score is 1,110,100. Chien pointed out that the score could’ve been even higher, as the game in which he set the new 1.1 million point record wasn’t a game in which he hit the killscreen — a game state wherein players can no longer progress.

“I died two screens shy of the killscreen so my score would have been a little higher, perhaps 1.12 million points.  I had a spare man going into Level 21 and was mentally preparing to sacrifice it on the last barrel board and my game was over a few minutes later.  That’s how Donkey Kong rolls sometimes.”

Chien doesn’t feel too safe about his record, though, and says he knows there are several players out there who can top his new score.

“I know currently there are several players who are capable of beating that score. If there was still a Donkey Kong in every pizza parlor I’m sure I wouldn’t have the record.”

Chien feels his current limit on the original 1981 DK tops off at around 1.15 million points, though he feels he can improve upon that. King of Kong might be due for a sequel with the inclusion of Chien.

(via Examiner)

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