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Grumpy Cat Challenges Oscar The Grouch to a Grump/Grouch-off in This Video

There can only be one.

After the literal Disney magic that was Grumpy Cat’s meet-up with Grumpy the dwarf last week, we were sort of curious to see how the beloved Internet meme would be able to top herself next time around. Well, with the help of Mashable, she’s now successfully taken off the grumpiest grump to ever grump — or, well, grouch.

If Oscar sounds a little different than he used to when you were a kid, you’re not hearing things — he’s still played by good ol’ Caroll Spinney, but given that Spinney is poised to turn 80 this year and has been playing both Oscar and Big Bird since 1969, it’s not too surprising that he’s toned the voice of the character down a little bit.

Either way, even Oscar is apparently too good natured to handle Grumpy Cat’s particular brand of malcontent. Or, as she puts it:

grumpycat master

(via Mashable on Youtube)

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