Google+ Membership Increases 30% in Two Days

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Paul Allen, the man who has been tracking the growth of Google+ using name statistics, has posted some interesting new stats on the social network since it became open to the public last week. Since shedding beta status, the site has apparently added 30% to its user base. In terms of individual people, that’s about 10 million new members. Amazingly, most of the growth occurred in the 48 hours since the site opened its doors to any and all interested parties.

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As always, Allen’s research is interesting but also far from hard and fast. His system relies on looking at the frequency of names that are, statistically speaking, rare. With that in mind, his numbers are estimates and not a headcount of total users. However, he believes that the fledgling social network is now packing some 43 million total users.  That’s a far cry from the over 800 million Facebook members, but it is a nonetheless impressive jump.

Now if someone could get a count of active users on those networks, we could get some really interesting analysis.

(via Search Engine Land)

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