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Happy Birthday, Google Play! Let’s Celebrate With Free Stuff


It’s the Google Play store’s first birthday today, but don’t feel bad if you forgot to get it anything. Google knows its better to give than receive, so they’re celebrating with a huge sale offering free and discounted apps and media. There are even a lot of in-app goodies specially created for some of Android’s top games. The designers of those games even put together a special Google Hangout birthday message for the Google Play team.

Here are the designers of games like Yumby Smash, Disney’s Gnome Village, Royal Revolt, and more explaining all their birthday goodies, which mostly center around cakes and Android characters:

Besides these in-game goodies, Android users can score discounts like 99 cent movie rentals (get Bernie), a bunch of free TV shows, a small collection of books for $5, and a wide, but largely unimpressive collection of discounted music.

Although this is hardly a huge blow-out sale, there are a lot of interesting things to be had here for free or on the cheap, so it’s worth checking out.  So, Google Play, it’s your birthday, and I’ve got to say — we’re super psyched.

Looking forward to many more years of downloading things from you!

(via Google Play, image via Will Clayton)

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