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Report: Google Drive Launching Next Week, Starting at 5GB

Back when Google Docs became available, rumor began to spread about a cloud-storage system from the search giant. Since then, there hasn’t been much word on the so-called “Google Drive” until the past few days when official looking screenshots of something have started to leak out. Now, more concrete details are starting to emerge: The service will offer 5GB of online, automatically syncing storage for free, and is believed to be launching next week for both Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

The Next Web has obtained what are believed to be screens from a partner that will be utilizing Google Drive at the time of launch. Similar information came out last week when the web service Lucidchart accidentally made a website to handle Google Drive integration briefly available to the public. Not long after TNW made their report, the website TechCrunch announced that they had got their hands on the desktop app, which though apparently functional informed them that Google Drive was not yet active.

The service is believed to function like Dropbox. Using a desktop app, a mobile app, and a web interface, users can upload files onto the service. Those files will then propagate through their account, and become available wherever they have Google Drive installed. However, the key difference between Dropbox and the presumed specs for Google Drive are twofold.

First, there is size. Dropbox provides users with 2GB for free, with the option to either pay for upgrades or earn them through referrals. Google Drive is, as stated previously, expected to launch with 5GB of storage for free.

Second, is app integration. While Dropbox has made accessing and sharing files very easy, that’s where the service begins and ends. Google Drive is expected to have some level of Google App integration, perhaps allowing on-the-fly editing. Considering the plethora of other services that Google currently offers — like Gmail, and Google Plus, to name just two — it’s easy to see how the big G is in a good position to leverage its suite of online products.

Though Dropbox is the main competitor in this space, it’s worth noting that both Microsoft and Apple have announced similar file-syncing capabilities in upcoming versions of their operating system. Though it has been long-rumored, Google Drive may turn out to be a key component of another Google product: Their Chrome operation system.

Of course, this is all speculative and based entirely off of unofficial screenshots. However, if the Internet’s instincts are right about this, we won’t have to wait long to find out for sure. See you in a week, Google Drive?

(The Next Web via Techmeme, TechCrunch)

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