Google Just Bought An Artificial Intelligence Company, Might As Well Surrender Now

Google would also like your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.
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Since December, Google has been picking up robotics companies all over the place, including the super-terrifying Boston Dynamics, and the DARPA robot olympics-winning SCHAFT. We couldn’t have thees robots annihilate the human race without brains, though, so Google has acquired Artificial Intelligence start-up DeepMind for about $500 million.

DeepMind’s website is pretty much a blank slate, but describes the company as “a cutting edge artificial intelligence company” that “combine[s] the best techniques from machine learning and systems neuroscience to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms.” Business Insider translates that as “[a] company that helps computers think like humans.” DeepMind’s alternate logo is this (unconfirmed):

cyberdyne systems

DeepMind is founded by former child prodigy/super-genius Demis Hassabis – now 37 – who was a child chess star; created a massively-popular video game; has a PhD in neuroscience; and won the Mind Sports Olympiad (which is real) five times. Hassabis and DeepMind are based in London, so that is perhaps the only safe place left on this planet.

(via CBC, image via DeepMind)

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