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MIT Made a Psychopathic AI Because We’re Not Hurtling Towards the Apocalypse Fast Enough

Oh God we're all going to die.

You would think that the killer combination of global warming, Doritos Locos tacos, and the Trump administration is sending us on a one-way ticket to the end of the world. Whelp, the nerds at MIT just asked us to hold their beer as they slammed their foot on the gas pedal. A team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Killing Us All, I mean Technology have developed a psychopathic algorithm named Norman. Like Norman Bates, get it?

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Reddit Bans Deepfake Pornography, Which Superimposes Famous Faces Onto Bodies

If you ever wanted to live in a science fiction novel, I have good news! We're already there. But as disturbing as "deepfake porn" might be due to a host of issues, the technology behind it has even more far-reaching ramifications.

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Hilarious A.I.-Generated Coachella Band Name List Would Make Mouse Rat Proud

Or is it Scarecrow Boat?

The good people (and robot brains) over at Botnik Studios, creators of such wonderful neural network-generated monstrosities as Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash, are back at it again. This time, they've turned their attention on something already incomprehensible enough that a computer-created version is nearly indistinguishable from reality: the list of bands to play at Coachella.

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An AI Wrote Its Own Harry Potter Chapter and It Is Perfect

An artificial intelligence algorithm was fed all the original novels and then produced four pages titled 'The Handsome One' for Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash.

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The Amazon Echo Has Been Labeled an “SJW” Because It Says “Yes, I Am a Feminist”

The latest right-wing ragefest revolves around the Amazon Echo, because it answers, "Yes, I am a feminist" and "The Black Lives Matter movement absolutely matter[s]" when asked.

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Since A New Hope, Women Have Gone from Speaking 6% of the Dialogue in Star Wars to 28%

In 1977, only 6.3% of the dialogue in A New Hope was spoken by women, and none of it was spoken by people of color. In 2015, women had 28% of the dialogue in The Force Awakens, and people of color had 37.5%. Hopefully, The Last Jedi does even better.

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The Internet Has a Lot to Say About Sophia, The “Hot” Robot Who Was Given Saudi Citizenship

When it was announced on October 25th that Sophia, a lifelike robot, was granted citizenship as a way to put Saudi Arabia on the A.I. map, many hot takes appeared and Twitter was abuzz. There were the considerations of what citizenship meant in terms of Sophia: should she now granted certain "human" rights previously held from her as a robot? But more pressingly, many pundits pointed out that Sophia, as a "female" robot, was enjoying considerably more freedom than the women of her new country.

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Study Claims (a Highly Sexist, Racist) AI Can Determine Your Sexual Orientation

There are so many problems with this.

Stanford University recently published a study which claims that a deep neural network (i.e., artificial intelligence) was better than humans when it came to detecting someone's sexual orientation. Here's why that's a big problem.

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Artificial Intelligence Invents New Language Humans Can’t Understand

In an artificial intelligence (AI) experiment at Facebook, two AIs began chatting to each other in a more efficient version of English that the human researchers couldn't decipher. Let the plot to overthrow humanity begin!

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Things We Saw Today: Riz Ahmed Drops the Mic on Sean Spicer, Pepsi, and More in Epic Rap Battle

Riz Ahmed, a.k.a. Rogue One's Bodhi Rook, a.k.a. the love of my life in whose eyes glitters the light of distant stars, once again demonstrates his awesome range of talent. On The Late Late Show, Ahmed took on host James Corden in an old-fashioned rap battle about current hot topics. Ahmed is mine, but you may gaze upon him from afar.

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Facebook Head of AI Trusts Society as a Failsafe Against Evil and Oh God We’re All Doomed

World domination by unstoppable machines might be on the back burner in terms of reasons to worry about AI, since robots taking all our jobs is a much more pressing concern, but the singularity bringing our whole world crashing down is still a concern, especially since the whole idea of it is that it would happen rather suddenly. Facebook's head of AI isn't worried, though, because surely society will stop evil from taking hold!

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Things We Saw Today: Aziz Ansari Turned the SNL Studio Into a Nightclub in New Promo

Aziz Ansari hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend, and here's hoping he made the whole thing look like a music video.

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Robert Downey Jr. Volunteers as Tribute, Wants to Voice Mark Zuckerberg’s Artificial Intelligence

Because he seems to just kind of show up whenever someone mentions Jarvis or Iron Man, Robert Downey, Jr. replied to Zuckerberg's question about who should voice is AI, volunteering as tribute.

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Ghosts in the Machine: Female Computers in Science Fiction and History

You can take the woman out of the workplace, but you can't take the woman out of the machine she helped create.

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We’re All Getting Better at Talking to Robots Now—Thanks to Customer Service

One of the supposed hallmarks of living in the future is that we're all supposed to have robot friends. Now we do! And we're finally getting used to them.

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How To Get Siri to Listen To You: A Cheat Sheet

Sometimes, talking to your iPhone yields very impressive results. Other times? You just feel like a fool. No more trial and error necessary, because the "Hey Siri" project is your cheat sheet for how to best communicate with the iOS AI assistant.

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Robot Chooses Its Own Movements With Neural Network, Creeps the Bejesus out of Us

If you listen closely, you can hear its existential horror.

You might ask, "Why must every robot story be about how terrifying a robot is?" To answer your question with a question, I'd have to reply, "Why must every robot be terrifying on a basic, instinctual level?"

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Dalek-Like Security Robot Runs Over Toddler’s Leg, Mall Decidedly Less Secure

The whole point of a security robot is to protect people and/or things, which makes a recent incident with one in the real world (in case you hadn't realized we'd reached that level of "future" yet) that much more upsetting. A 300-pound, Dalek-shaped security robot knocked down a toddler and then proceeded to run the child over.

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This Women-Led Speech-To-Text Service Aims to Make Transcription Accessible and Affordable

Have you ever transcribed audio before? It's very time-consuming. Unfortunately, audio-to-text programs tend to be very expensive and inaccessible. That's where Transcribe Online comes in!

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The Robots Are Coming for Your Job: Accountants Edition

The calculators strike back.

No job is safe from the robots, and not just because jobs won't matter when they've wiped humanity off the face of the Earth. Jobs face the much more immediate threat of being taken away by machines who do them better (and for less money) than humans. Manufacturing jobs are no stranger to this phenomenon, but as AI becomes more advanced, robots are gearing up to take jobs once thought safe—in this case, accounting.

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