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Video of Wil Wheaton Telling a Little Girl How to Deal With Being Called a Nerd Just Decided to Go Viral Now

Feel free to start a Good Guy Will Wheaton meme, Internet.

In this video from last year’s Denver Comic Con, Wil Wheaton answers a young lady’s question about whether he was called a nerd growing up and how he dealt with it. It’s moving, inspiring, and almost a year old, but for some reason suddenly gained a lot of steam over the weekend.

Wil Wheaton is currently topping Facebook’s “Trending” list which is how we found it. All the links we see are to stories posting the video in the last few days. We’re not sure why it suddenly got so much traction behind it, but our friend Jill Pantozzi over at The Mary Sue told us she saw the link posted on Reddit.

Speaking of The Mary Sue, they also have this video of Wheaton giving advice to a fan’s newborn daughter about being a nerd.

So we guess he just does this kind of thing a lot?

(via CGPhotogcom on Youtube and The Mary Sue)

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