A hooded figure at the top of a stairs menaces in "Evil Lives Here"
(Investigation Discovery)

The 10 Best Shows Like ‘Worst Roommate Ever’

We all have a roommate story. Maybe they didn’t do their dishes. Maybe they made really annoying sex noises. Or maybe they were a serial killer. Worst Roommate Ever has seen it all. If you wanna see more of the same or worse, check out these ten shows.

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Web of Lies

A grainy, distorted image of a woman from "Web of Lies"

We’re all roommates on the internet! The World Wide Web is just one massive apartment, and we’re all just living on top of each other in it! Some roomies contribute value by running meme pages and filming their cats doing stuff. Others stalk, dox, and worse. Web of Lies is about the latter group of people. The internet is a scary place, and after watching these online monster of the week episodes, you may never wanna go on it again. Close your laptop and chuck it in a river. Go. Be free.

Snapped: Killer Couples

A grainy photo of a kissing couple from "Snapped- Killer Couples"

Sometimes people who really like each other decide to become roommates forever by getting something called a mortgage together! Other times people shack up for the winter! Sometimes, couples decide that where they live doesn’t matter all that much as long a they get to perpetrate heinous crimes together. Those people who Killer Couples are about. What would you do for the one you love? Scam? Rob? Murder? These couples answered “all of the above.”

Evil Lives Here

A hooded figure at the top of a stairs menaces in "Evil Lives Here"
(Investigation Discovery)

I’m sure you wanted to tape a sign saying the same thing on your bad roommates’ door, but I wouldn’t try that with the subjects of this docuseries. They might just kill you. Evil Lives Here is a series specifically about people who lived with a killer. Sometimes it was someone they didn’t know all to well, but more often than not, it was someone they loved. How did it happen? How did they find out? How can they move on? There ain’t no easy answer, Evil Lives Here will show you why … and how … and with what…

Tiger King

Joe Exotic poses for a photo with three tigers in "Tiger King" (Netflix)

Sometimes roommates are animals. Dirty. Mean. Smelly. Some roommates bring their own animals. Badly trained dogs and hostile cats. But what happens when a man decides to cohabitate with literally hundreds of the most dangerous animals on the planet? You get Tiger King. Joe Exotic ran a zoo full of tigers for riches and fame, but ended up dragging himself into ruin after attempting to assassinate one of his rival big cat owners. If you’re looking for a show to restore your faith in humanity, Tiger King is not it. I’d rather be locked in a cage with a real tiger than any of people in it.

Crime Scene: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Netflix's Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel title image.

The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles is not a place you want to visit. It’s got black mold, vermin infestations, and a history of unnatural deaths. One of the hotel’s most recent victims was Elisa Lam, a 21 year old woman who ended up disappearing during her stay there. The last known footage of Lam – an eerie CCTV camera shot of the poor woman behaving erratically in an elevator – quickly went viral on the internet. The scariest part? The uncanny similarities between Lam’s death and the plot of the J-horror film Dark Water. Life imitates art, and this story was tragedy.

Inventing Anna

Julia Garner as Anna Sorokin/Anna Delvey in 'Inventing Anna.' She is a stylish young woman wearing glasses, seated in a leather chair

Anna Delvey was New York City’s it-girl. She was a wealthy heiress, a bon vivant, a real life aristocrat – apple of the Big Apple’s eye. She also didn’t exist. Her real name was Anna Sorokin, and she was anything but rich. Yet through sheer charisma alone she managed to con New York City’s wealthiest residents into bankrolling her life. How? Inventing Anna has the answer. She’s not the kind of roommate you wanna co-sign a $12,000 apartment with, no matter how much she says she’s good for it.

The Keepers

An image of a school teacher smiling from "The Keepers"

Beloved catholic school teacher Sister Cathy Cesnik disappeared in Baltimore in the late 60’s. Her body was found two months later. After a police investigation, the case went cold. Two decades later a former student of Cesnik claimed to have been shown the nun’s remains by a school chaplain as a threat. The Keepers attempts to uncover the truth. It’s a difficult series to watch, centered around one of the most systematically abusive Catholic archdioceses in America, and the ongoing struggle for justice for its victims.

Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman

title card for "Puppet Master- Hunting the Ultimate Conman" imposed over a man's eyes

Sometimes a new roommate seems like a really nice person on the surface… then you live with them for a month and find out first impressions can be deceiving. Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman tells the tale of the kind of person that makes their living off of the strength of first impressions: the con artist. This conman, who pretended to be a British spy in order to fool and rob his victims, was regrettably one of the best in the biz.

Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini

A young blonde woman looks at the camera in a photo in "Perfect Wife- The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini"

Sherri Papini seemed like the perfect forever roommate. She was a loving wife and doting mother to her children, until one day she disappeared without a trace. She was found weeks later far from home, claiming to have been kidnapped. It was national news, but something just didn’t add up to the authorities. Sherri’s story didn’t seem to make sense, no matter how many times she told it, leading police to suspect that maybe, just maybe, there was more to Sherri Papini than meets the eye.


A blurry image of a woman from "Disappeared"
(Investigation Discovery)

In the United States, people disappear all the time. Thousands go missing every year, often without a trace. Hiking accidents. Kidnappings. Plain old running away. There’s all sorts of reasons why people vanish, and Disappeared has (some) of the answers. Each episode centers around a missing person, and features interviews with friends, family, and law enforcement officials attempting to put the pieces together. If you’re looking for an episodic real life mystery series, you can’t go wrong with Disappeared. Maybe show it to the roommate that you don’t like to give them some ideas on the many ways that they could leave you alone! You know, inspo!

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