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12-Year-Old Girl Calls Dick’s Sporting Goods Out On Lack Of Representation; Dick’s C.E.O Responds Like A Champ

Nothing but net. Internet.


Children (and media-savvy retail outlets) are our future. When 12-year-old basketball player McKenna Peterson realized that the recent Dick’s Sporting Goods catalog didn’t have any representation of female athletes, she took matters into her own capable hands and sent the company this amazingly sassy letter:

Emphatic use of caps? Check. A threat to use her power as a consumer to enact change? Double check. Totally amazing sign-off? Yes, yes, and yes. McKenna’s dad, sports journalist Chris Peterson, tweeted out a picture of his daughter’s letter and caught the attention of Dick’s C.E.O.:

Hopefully Dick’s isn’t just paying lip service to greater representation, and will really start to broaden the field of athletes they showcase in their catalogs. Thanks, The Fabulous Basketball Player, for standing up for athletes everywhere!

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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