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Trump Supporters’ New Version of Patriotism Involves Mocking Olympic Athletes

Trump supporters are mocking Olympic athletes who criticize Trump.

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Some Philadelphia Eagles Players Will Skip the Customary Visit to the White House

The Philadelphia Eagles celebrated their Super Bowl victory last night, but many players will not be celebrating that win at the White House this year

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U.S. Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney Reveals Sexual Abuse, and the Pressure to Remain Silent

In this time of #MeToo, USA Gymnastics publicly supported gold medal-winning Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney when she came forward about having been sexually abused for years by the team's doctor. However, their response prior to that was to attempt to silence her when she first reported the abuse a year ago, asking her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Maroney is no longer having it.

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Maame Biney Makes History as First Black Woman to Qualify For U.S. Olympic Speedskating

Black Girl Magic is alive and well in the sports world this week, thanks to 17-year-old speedskating phenom, Maame Biney!

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Colin Kaepernick Awarded the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award by Beyoncé

Tuesday night, Beyoncé presented Colin Kaepernick with Sports Illustrated’s Muhammad Ali Legacy Award. The award is meant to honor "individuals whose dedication to the ideals of sportsmanship has spanned decades and whose career in athletics has directly or indirectly impacted the world."

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It’s the 40th Anniversary of the Sports Bra! What’s the Next Innovation Women Need From Their Sportswear?

It's the 40th anniversary of the modern sports bra, a clever piece of sportswear innovation which made it way more comfortable for women with breasts to participate in sports and up their exercise game. But what's the next step? What do you most need from your sportswear that you're not getting?

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How Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf’s Refusal to Stand for the National Anthem Taught Me About Racial Injustice

Twenty years before Colin Kaepernick, the NBA's Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf refused to stand. The repercussions were swift.

Besides the often beautiful and often disturbing way sports reflect and re-create the society in which they’re played, there is the athlete as hero, the athlete as pop culture star, the athlete as activist.

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Nike Broadens Our Vision of Athleticism For Pride By Showcasing Mother Leiomy—the Wonder Woman of Vogue

Vogue, as an art form, didn't start with the hit Madonna song. It started decades earlier in the Harlem ballroom scene of the 1960s, which sprung up in response to decades of racism in the ballroom scene going back as early as the 1930s, where white gay men wouldn't let gay men of color participate, and if they did, they never won prizes. Right now, there is a reigning queen of vogue. She's known as Mother Leiomy, and Nike has recognized her greatness during Pride Month.

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Serena Williams Won the Australian Open While Pregnant, So People Are Policing Her Body Again

After Serena Williams won the Australia Open while pregnant, New Scientist asked, "Could pregnancy have helped Serena Williams win the Australian Open?" Um.

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U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Won Better Pay and Benefits with Solidarity, Grit, and Some Seriously Nerdy Teamwork

After a long battle, the U.S. women's national soccer team has won better pay, improved parental leave, and increased support for women's soccer nationwide. They collaborated intensely and inclusively with each other to produce this contract.

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Justice! Soccer Fans Finally Convicted for Unbelievably Racist Harassment on Paris Train

Funny how the most horrifically racist things are so often done by the self-proclaimed least racist people you know, huh?

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Feminism Around the World: Fareeha Tafim is India’s Wushu Warrior Girl

14-year-old Fareeha Tafim is a Muslim girl from Hyderabad in India. While Hindus comprise the majority of people in Hyderabad, Muslims are a large minority, and Fareeha attends a Muslim school. That school began giving female students lessons in wushu, a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts that has become increasingly popular in India. Why teach it to schoolgirls? Because of the epidemic of violence against women and girls they face.

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Let’s Watch Robots Fall Down Adorably at the Robot World Cup 2016

The Robot World Cup is a triumph for robotics. But the best part ... is when the robots fall down. It's so cute.

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Angry Seattle Sports Fans Lash Out at Majority-Female Council After Vote Regarding Sports Arena

Angry Sports Fans Lash Out at Majority-Female Council

The Seattle City Council recently voted down a land use ordinance that all but made the construction of a basketball arena impossible. As it turns out, the voting came down along gender lines, and considering the fact that the City Council is made up of a majority of women, the response to the vote has been incredibly, well, misogynistic.

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U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Players Make Federal Complaint of Wage Discrimination

On Wednesday, five prominent members of the U.S. women's soccer team filed a federal complaint accusing U.S. Soccer of wage discrimination. Despite generating nearly $20 million more in revenue last year than the U.S. men's soccer, and winning with far more consistency than the men's team, players on the U.S. women's team earn as little as 40% of what the male players make.

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Short Film Queen Vee Follows Basketball Referee Violet Palmer

As March Madness reaches its final games, Queen Vee is a fantastic and short watch about Violet Palmer, the first woman to officiate an NBA playoff game and one of the two first top-level women officials in any United States professional sport.

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James Corden and Anna Kendrick Act out the History of Sports Movies in a 7-Minute Sketch

In honor of yesterday's Super Bowl, The Late Late Show with James Corden featured a "History of Sports Movies" sketch starring Anna Kendrick.

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Celebrate Your Favorite Athletes on National Girls & Women in Sports Day!

Today is the 30th annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day, so lots of athletes and sports fans are spotlighting their favorite girls and women in sports!

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#OneHitMeansOut Calls for the NFL to Stop Tolerating Domestic Abuse

Mildly NSFW

This PSA from Made By Woman Media titled "Topless Women Talk NFL" calls for the NFL to stop tolerating domestic violence.

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Moronic Radio Host Rants About Kathryn Smith, the NFL’s First Female Football Coach

Apparently some sports talk show radio hosts didn't think much of the Buffalo Bills' hire, because was only a matter of hours before they were ranting and raving into their microphones about how dumb they thought this move was.

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