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Dirty Dancing Is an Underrated Feminist Masterpiece

Nobody should put this film in the corner

Without a doubt, the film is a surprisingly feminist and forward-thinking film and we have screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein to thank for that.

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Make Riz Ahmed a Romantic Lead You Cowards

Or any lead in a film where he doesn't end up dead or traumatized

Let's face it, he needs his own comedic leading role that doesn't end with a downbeat ending. Preferably a romantic comedy. Because reasons.

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Pass On What You Have Learned: Mothers, Daughters, and Fandom

Also ask my mom about her very strong feels about Steve Rogers

My dad might have been the one who kickstarted my fandom awakening when he first showed me Star Wars when I was five, but it's been my mom who has shared my fandoms with me.

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Aerie’s New Lingerie Campaign Is a Beautiful Smorgasbord of Representation & Inclusivity

This season of #AerieReal ads features real women–as in non-professional models–wearing Aerie products. The representation is kind of incredible. There are women of all sizes and body types, ages, and race, as well as women with disabilities, chronic illness, surgery scars, and other conditions.

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Growing Up Geek: Learning to Wear Your Nerdiness On Your Sleeve

Be the self-accepting person your younger self needed

This is just one geek's story. But there are countless others out there.

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Star Wars, We Need to Discuss Your White Brunette Obsession

The first step is admitting you have a problem

Episode IX will be the eleventh film in a franchise that, to this day, has only featured three women of color in prominent roles.

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Star Warrior: One Fan’s Fundraiser to Support Kelly Marie Tran, Online Harassment Victims, and Asian Women

Celebrities and fans rallied to support Kelly Marie Tran after she was driver from Instagram, taking to Twitter with hashtags like #FanartforRose, but one fan—and member of the costuming charity group Rebel Legion—decided to step up and prove that she’s a hero worthy of standing next to Rose, Finn, and the rest of the Resistance.

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“This Is Not a Moment, This Is a Movement”: Netflix Celebrates Strong Black Leads by Re-Creating “A Great Day in Harlem”

Netflix brought together 47 of their black actors, producers, writers, showrunners, and directors for "A Great Day in Hollywood".

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Variety’s TV Writers’ Panel Apparently Forgot Women Exist, so Women Formed Their Own

Variety's omission of women is frustrating, but female writers mobilized their anger and the result was inspiring.

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Women in WWII Game Once Again Not ‘Historically Accurate’ Enough for Angry Internet Men

Yesterday, the trailer for the game Battlefield 5 debuted, yet another game focusing on players pretending to shoot at each other on the internet. This new installment had promised to bring more realism into things in some ways, but it's still very definitely a video game and not intended to be a perfect reproduction of its World War II setting, and that has predictably angered some gamers on the internet, at least where it comes to including women and people of color.

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Crazy Rich Asians Is Not “the Asian Black Panther,” Because That Implies Every Group Only Gets One

I'm not in any way Asian (unless my Ancestry DNA test returns with something hella surprising), but I'm so here for Crazy Rich Asians. One, Constance Wu. She can do no wrong, and I will see anything she's ever in ever. Two, Michelle Yeoh. Same. And third, this movie looks hilarious and heartfelt. What it is not, however, is "the Asian Black Panther."

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How Kay Cannon Turned a Generic-Sounding Blockers Script Into a Feminist Comedy

This is the perfect example of why we need not just wider onscreen diversity, but representation behind the scenes as well.

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“It Just Didn’t Occur to Me”: Jessica Jones Showrunner Addresses the Show’s Diversity Problem

We have been very vocal about our disappointment about the latest season of Jessica Jones, especially in regard to the treatment of men and women of color. (Jeri was great though.) Thankfully, it hasn't been just us and the criticism about the issue has been loud enough that it reached the ears of showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg.

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I Had a Lot of Feelings About Meg’s Hair in A Wrinkle in Time

I didn't expect my biggest takeaway from A Wrinkle in Time would be Meg Murry's hair.

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Feminist Futures StoryBundle: Why We Still Need Feminist Science-Fiction

There’s been a lot of misinformation and alternative fact surrounding our kind of storytelling, but I’m here to tell you that you need not be afraid because, just like there are all kinds of women, there is all kinds of feminist science-fiction.

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The Inclusive Illusion of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Hateful detractors certainly exist, but the limited perspective that all criticism is in that bad faith has masked the flaws of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in terms of feminism and diversity. The movie diminishes the role of its own female lead, mishandles its characters of color, and gives women and POC no meaningful impact on the final story.

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Jessica Jones Is Great at Examining Trauma—Unless It Happens to Women of Color

I do love Jessica Jones. I love the way it addresses women's anger, trauma, and self-destruction. But I really do NOT like the way it portrays women of color.

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Jessica Jones Has a Problem with How It Handles Race and Gender When Superpowers Are in the Mix

Season Two of Jessica Jones is a bit of an adventure so far. I'm still processing how I feel about it, as I have a handful of episodes left, but there is one scene that is really sticking in my craw.

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Sorry Guys, Movies Featuring Women & POC Do Not Need to Be Perfect in Order to Have Value

Hopefully, we will get to a point where there isn't so much pressure to watch one because otherwise, you won't get another.

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Questlove Tweets a #WrinkleChallenge to Help Kids See A Wrinkle in Time For Free

With the #WrinkleChallenge, Questlove is challenging his followers and fellow celebrities to donate to Color of Change's "Give a Child the Universe” initiative, which will help kids to see Ava DuVernay's A Wrinkle in Time for free.

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