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They Earn All the Badges: Girl Scouts Punch Thief in the FACE After Cookie Money Robbery

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

The headline speaks for itself: Two Texas Girl Scouts, Iravia Cotton and Rachel Johnson, chased down a horrible person who stole $200 of Girl Scout cookie money from their booth. Iravia punched the guy in the face. Rachel grabbed on to the guy’s car and was dragged as he drove away. You might be wondering if they’re okay, and I kind of think they’ve proven they can take care of themselves. Man, the things girls need to do to earn badges these days!

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On a serious note, both girls are just fine, so we’ll get that silver lining out of the way. Rachel was treated for minor injuries at the scene of the crime, but never went to the hospital and probably just walked it off while Iravia iced her knuckles.

Here is the story, courtesy of Mediaite: A group of Scouts had set up a table outside of a Walmart store, selling cookies to customers who were coming and going. Then, a “dark-colored, late-model Toyota Camry” carrying the nastiest, most terrible jerks in the world pulled up just before 2:00. One passenger left the car, pretending to be interested in making a purchase, and instead snatched the box containing the Girl Scouts’ cookie money and jumped back into the car.

But not before the girls got to them. Iravia and Rachel ran up to the passenger side window, the former hitting the guy in the face, repeatedly. They tried making their getaway with Rachel still holding on to the car door, dragging her for a few feet before she let go. And then they got away. Rachel issued this statement to the thief on Houston’s KHOU:

“I hope your face hurts from when Iravia punched you…jerk. I’m serious. No, one of our girls ran up, Bam! Yeah. So I hope your face hurts. I hope it leaves a scar.”

Tommy Christopher at Mediaite points out that it’s not necessarily wise to try to chase down thieves in a moving vehicle, and that “money (and even delicious Girl Scout Cookies) can be replaced.” But as scary a story as this could have been, we’re not going to sit here and pretend we’re upset that they smacked and then smack-talked these grown men who tried to steal cookie money from Girl Scouts.

In another positive turn of events, the story was covered on CNN‘s Starting Point, hosted by Soleded O’Brien, who promised to buy $200 worth of Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout policy says that the scouts are responsible for any lost money, so this will reimburse them.

As of this writing, the thieves have not been caught. I hope they can live with themselves. Because the world is just shaking their heads at them. They will forever be the guys who stole money from Girl Scouts.

(via Mediaite)

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