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Gina Carano’s Chat With Tucker Carlson Went About as Well as You’d Think

Gina Carano, of Deadpool fame, will be starring in The Mandalorian alongside Pedro Pascal

The mess continues. Gina Carano once had the Disney/Star Wars bucks and fumbled it so badly that she keeps talking about the situation as if she was unjustly fired, and it is baffling, to say the least. The actress and former MMA fighter once played Cara Dune in The Mandalorian on Disney+ and was getting ready to lead her own show for the platform when she mocked the idea of specifying preferred pronouns, questioned wearing masks to protect against COVID-19 and the 2020 election, and then shared a horrific post that likened the Holocaust to the current climate that was bad! All that led to Disney and Lucasfilm saying they were no longer working with her.

Cut to 2022 and we’re still talking about this because Carano has made it her mission to head to every conservative who will have her to talk about getting fired from the Mouse. The reality is that she’s shared twice now that they tried to work with her and have her grow through what sounds like a sort of sensitivity training, but Carano refused to play ball, and the social media post using imagery from the Holocaust to compare to the political climate in America supporting the Right was the last straw (seemingly).

Now, she’s headed to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Today to talk with Carlson about her departure from Disney, and it seems a bit like a rewrite of history is happening in the clip that the network put on YouTube. I can’t watch the entire interview because that would require me to become a “patriot” in the Fox News subscriber base, and I’m good. But in the clip that Fox shared, Carano talks about Disney offering her solutions to her online bigotry and how to help her, and instead, she again acts like she’s the victim.

I remember what happened

So, Carano and the pronoun discussion come up in this interview, and Carlson sets it up beforehand by saying that this is her explanation for what she did when “Disney told her she had to give her pronouns.” You see, I’m chronically online, and I remember that what happened at the time was that fans asked. They reached out, replying to her posts about pronouns. She ignored them, questioned why it mattered, and then mocked them. Fans asked.

Disney stepped in when it became an issue, obviously, but it started on Twitter with fans asking. Disney didn’t ask her to put her pronouns in her Twitter bio before any of that happened, as far as I am aware, but I also wasn’t privy to that information. Maybe they did. But the problem started with Carano’s social media presence and her clear problem with the inclusivity of specifying preferred pronouns, and that’s where the story also ends. It was her posting and her reportedly doing whatever she wanted—against her employer’s wishes, drawing negative attention to them—that got her fired.

What Disney asked Carano to do, per her own explanation, was to talk with LGBTQ employees to hear them out, probably as a way of having them explain to Carano why her mockery of specifying pronouns was dangerous towards the trans community, since Carano seemingly refused to look into the issue and why it’s important at all.

Carlson does a bad job of asking any kind of followup question with merit (as, you know, a real journalist would do) and instead just asks about it like the big mean Mouse did Carano wrong, instead of recognizing that it seems like Disney and Lucasfilm were trying to work with her!

She also goes on to talk about she was one of the first people talking about masks and questioning pandemic precautions, and if she did it today, she’d probably still have a job, and that’s not an accomplishment! It’s not a good thing that people have stopped caring about the pandemic that is still going on, and her mask nonsense started before vaccines were even widely distributed. Everything she says in this clip comes across like she wants people to feel bad for her, and it’s working. It is just people like Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro who are taken in by the bullshit.

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