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Gina Carano Wants A Wonder Woman Movie, And She Wants It Done Right

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“That’s the ultimate superhero for a woman. No matter what, no matter who ends up being Wonder Woman someday, I just hope it’s something that is done correctly. I know it’s there and that it could definitely be done correctly. It’s just a matter of getting the right people and having the right vision come together. A director and producer and writer have to see the beauty in it and make it real.” Actress and mixed martial artist Gina Carano on the need for a Wonder Woman film.

Carano, who herself would fit the role quite well in many fans minds, weighed in on the discussion as to whether Diana should take to the big screen in an interview with Carano has previously appeared in Fast & Furious 6 and Steven Soderbergh‘s Haywire. She can soon be seen in In the Blood, a thriller where she plays a woman who must rescue her husband after he disappears during their honeymoon.

Of course, we here at The Mary Sue would love a Wonder Woman film, especially after finding out that the CW TV series for the super heroine, Amazon, has been put on hold to make way for The Flash. The more actresses who show enthusiasm for a Wonder Woman film, and a good one at that, the better, especially if those actresses happen to have the fighting chops to play an amazon. Even if Carano doesn’t get to play Wonder Woman any time soon, she seems to have taken to comics, as she told when they asked about her “dream project”.

I’m starting to get into the comic book space a little, which I think is just so absolutely fun. Just to dress up. I can’t really talk about it right now, but there’s some really good prospects about what we might do there.

Carano also acknowledged in the interview that she felt honored to be compared to Wonder Woman. Now where’s our Wonder Woman film, Hollywood?

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