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Giant Water Bugs, Ready to Eat: In a Freezer, Deep-Fried on a Plate, Ground Into Chili Paste

Apart from pants, redditor ihatepants probably hates her mother for keeping these packaged giant water bugs frozen in the freezer, ready to eat at a moment’s notice. Ihatepants claimed Mom put them in the freezer simply for a scare, so this led me to the Internet, where all things become known. Yes, giant water bugs are food sometimes, because everything is food to something, I guess. Giant water bugs eat baby turtles, and we eat giant water bugs. The circle of life. If you want to see what a properly prepared dish of giant water bugs looks like, look below, and make sure you aren’t currently eating actual food.

Deep-fried giant water bugs on a plate. Would you eat these, or the newly released deep-fried McRib?

Nam prik mang da, a chili paste made out of giant water bugs:

(reddit, Chow via Boing Boing)

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