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Austria Has a Deep-Fried McRib, Covered in Cheese and Bacon


It is no secret that we here at Geekosystem have strong, conflicted feelings regarding McDonald’s McRib, which is why we just don’t know how to handle Austria’s McRibster, which happens to be a deep-fried McRib covered in pepper-Jack cheese, bacon, red onions, lettuce, honey-mustard sauce, and spicy sweet chili sauce. Like it’s undressed sibling, the McRibster will only be available in Austria for a limited time, until March 27.

Classic McRib fanatics need not panic — McDonald’s isn’t giving up on the item, the McRibster is simply a new treat for the weary. The McRib is still popping up across the globe in its familiar limited availability, as it is currently available in Spain, and will be made available for the first time in Australia later this year during the Olympics.

(via Eater, thanks Glenn!)

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