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Here’s a Shark Eating Another Shark, Possibly Photographed for the Very First Time

Taken by researchers from the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, this is supposedly the first-ever picture of a shark eating another shark. The shark doing the eating may not look exactly like a shark, but it is, don’t worry; it’s a tasselled wobbegong shark, which happens to look like that. It’s a type of carpet shark, which if you know your Discovery Channel, would know that they hang out on the bottom of the ocean and pretend to be the ground until dinner swims by. Normally, they eat smaller things, but they have the ability to dislocate their jaw and eat larger things, which is the brown-banded bamboo shark getting gobbled up above.

Remains of sharks have been found inside carpet sharks before, so we previously knew sharks ate other sharks, but hey, now you can see it for yourself. Bonus photo below:

(New Scientist via io9)

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