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Teach Your Kids About Ghostbusters With This Custom Made Ecto-1 Cozy Coupe

But wait until they're older to tell them about the keymasters and the gatekeepers—er, birds and bees.


We’re all still in mourning of the passing of fallen Ghostbuster Harold Ramis, but maybe we can channel that grief into something productive and worthwhile. You know, like modifying a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe car to look like the car Egon Spengler drove around in while chasing down the supernatural forces that threaten our city.

According to Imgur user bryanwilson85, who built the Ecto-1 Coupe for his recently born nephew, the modifications were fairly easy to pull off. He spent about $5 on Craigslist for a broken down Coupe model (granted, “it needed a lot of work – suspension work and shocks, brakes, brake pads, lining, steering box, transmission, rear-end, new rings, mufflers, and a little wiring…”), $4 for officially licensed Ghostbusters stickers on Amazon, $10 for a pair of novelty police lights, and a couple extra dollars here and there for PVC piping, blue tubing, a Kinkos-printed license plate, a plastic bowl for the satellite dish, and spray paint. I think you’ll agree that the end result is pretty spectacular.


Check out bryanwilson85’s detailed break-down of the car here so that your kids can one-day show off your family’s love of Ghostbusters at the local playground, too. But of course, they’ll be totally discreet.

(via Uproxxx, images via bryanwilson85 on Imgur)

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