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Josh Lane’s Geeky Take on Heiroglyphics Makes Us Excited For History Again

This guy really speaks draws our language.



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Guys, if there’s one thing we know about it’s art (pizza too, but mostly art.) So take it from us when we tell you that Josh Lane is someone you should totally check out right now.

The graphic designer is our new favorite artist for his dignified and original take on geekdom.

In his new Hero-glyphics series, Lane combines history, art and all things geeky (complete with pizza-bearing TMNT) by replacing figures from ancient heiroglyphics with beloved comic book and cartoon characters.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Star Trek


Spider Man


Power Rangers


Kick Ass

In a designboom article, Josh describes the inspiration behind his series:

I have always had an affinity for ancient Egyptian art and hieroglyphics – the ancient Egyptians developed an elegant way to communicate their stories using minimalistic imagery and symbols. as a graphic designer and illustrator I try to do this same thing today.

I wanted to pay tribute to this style by adding a modern twist of the things I love – which tend to be on the geeky side. when I started the project I knew I wanted to mimic the same kind of poses that early Egyptians had established.

I enjoyed placing these modern characters into the poses that fit the character best. for example, I felt like captain kirk should be the one sitting on the ‘throne’ as if it were his captains chair and that in the x-men piece I would have wolverine kneeling before the representation of the most powerful mutant entity, the phoenix.

I soon found myself telling stories with background details and symbols. in the end I wanted to create a series that people could instantly relate to and enjoy on a couple different levels: the pop culture and the art history.

Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the series as well as more of Josh’s geek-friendly art and merchandise. Careful, though. It’ll be hard to leave without a Tardis Phone Case.

(via designboom, image Josh Lane)


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