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Make Showertime The Best Time With This Collection of Nerdy Soaps From GeekSoap

It's dangerous to shower alone! Take this!


There’s this unfortunate misconception that geeks are inherently slovenly and unwashed people, but the truth is that there’s no evidence geekiness and grossness correlate in any way. Wanna know how we know that? Because these geek-themed soaps exist. How could someone¬†not wash themselves with these?

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Individually hand-crafted by Lesley Karpiuk of The Pink Toque, each of these soaps is inspired by a popular nerd-adjacent franchise. They’re all made with natural, 100% vegan friendly ingredients, and are created from completely custom molds. You should really go buy one or two or five for yourself, but in the meantime we’ve also got this delightful gallery of Lesley’s wares that you can browse through.

Come to think of it, though, it would be real hard to ruin one of these decorative soaps by actually using them. Maybe there’s something to that “Geeks are Smelly” stereotype after all.

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(Geek Soap via Geekologie)

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