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Canadian Olympic Athletes in Sochi Get Free Beer With Their Passports

As opposed to American passports, which usually just get you silently judged.


Hey, Olympic athletes need to unwind every now and then, too. It turns out Canada’s team has the advantage in that area, though, as Molson Canadian has installed a beer fridge in their Olympic house that opens when a Canadian passport is scanned. Presumably, that beer fridge is now empty, and someone is trying desperately to wake up the Olympians.

Molson Canadian (which I’m told by our resident Canadian beer expert, Carolyn Cox, is good Canadian beer, though there seems to be a dissenting opinion from Senior Editor Glen Tickle) tweeted the above picture of a bona-fide Canadian making use of the fridge and proved to everyone that Canada has its Olympic priorities straight. The strategy seems to be working, too, as Canada is currently in second place for total medals and gold medals as of Wednesday morning, February 12.

So, Canada is pretty much winning the Olympics, and they know it, too:

Geez, no need to rub it in, guys. All I ever got from my American passport was some dirty looks and questions about who I vote for.

(via Jezebel, image Molson Canadian via Twitter)

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