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Never Forget That Time Mary Carillo Lost Her Mind Over Badminton During The Summer Olympics [Video]

Personally, I would like to know more about the Baby Duck Rescue of 1997.

Mary Carillo, an NBC sports reporter and former professional tennis player, was stalling during a 3AM broadcast from the Athens Summer Games. What began as an exploration of the difference between recreational and Olympic badminton turned into one of the greatest moments of TV (and most accurate explanations of badminton) that we’ve ever seen.

The weirdest thing about this rant — which really starts to get good around 1:30 minutes in, so be patient — is that despite the fuzzy quality of the video, this only took place in 2004. That was just ten years ago. Carillo still reports for NBC today, and she continues to do a lot of the overnight Olympics coverage. Heck, she was just on TV last night kicking back shots of vodka with eye-infected Bob Costas. Vodka! On the air!

So it’s only a matter of time before we get another incredible rant from her, right? I’m pretty sure Women’s curling is on at 3AM tonight. Let’s hope she has something to say about those brooms.

(via Lizdexia on Tumblr)

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