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Not-So-Fantastic Mr. Fox Needs a Hand Getting His Head Out of This Mason Jar [Video]

Awwww, don't worry, little guy. This sort of thing happens to the best of us.

Ready for the cutest Good Deed For The Day you’ll see all week? This fox in Russia presumably found something tasty at the bottom of a mason jar and went in for a closer look…only to have that brilliant plan backfire on it in pretty grand fashion. With its head firmly tucked within the jar, the fox then took the rather unusual step of seemingly coming to humans for help, and was lucky to find a pair of gentlemen willing to remove the jar from its head…and with a minimum of laughter at the situation, no less.

Maybe the fox had seen a person open a jar before and was aware that these creatures held the secret to its freedom. Maybe it was just ready to walk up to pretty much any other creature with a jar on its head — the universally accepted sign for “Hey, little help here?” Either way, the curious canid was helped out of its predicament and returned to the wild without so much as a yip of gratitude. We’re glad to see the little scamp ended its adventure safely, but hope an important lesson about putting heads into things was learned here.

(via YouTube)

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