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Because It’s the End of the Day, Here Are Two Cats Chasing a Fox Out of Their Yard [Video]

Let the debate over whether cats or dogs are the better animal be forever silenced. Cats, you win.

This video sums up pretty much exactly why I am, at the end of the day, a cat person. The fox here doesn’t seem to know whose yard he’s in. These cats, though, know exactly whose yard the fox is in, and they waste exactly zero time passing on that lesson to the rather harried vulpine.

One of the most telling things in the video, though, is that the folks filming it are never concerned for the welfare of their cats. Instead, they just seem to feel bad for the poor fox who has obviously walked into a situation he is ill-equipped to manage. You can almost hear the inner monologue of the cat owners pitying the fox. “Oh, man, that fox is in the yard. He is going to be in so much trouble! We don’t even get to go out there!”

If you were an alien who knew nothing about cats, I feel confident that just watching this video would teach you pretty much everything important there is to know about them in record time. 

In other news, enjoy your weekend, folks.

(via Daily Picks and Flicks)

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