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#FollowFriday: Babby Tips (@BabbyTips)

geekosystem loves babby

It’s that time of the week again, where we highlight a Twitter account we really think you should be following. This week: @BabbyTips. We already recommended @BabbyTips with a few other absurd accounts back in the wake of @Horse_eBooks, but we really love it and think it deserves its own post.

This is the smallest account in terms of followers that we’ve recommended, but it really shouldn’t be. @BabbyTips is genius. Get in on it now, and when it blows up you can feel like the champ for being an early adopter.

What It Is: The description for @BabbyTips simply says, “tips for dealing with babby”.

It’s easy to assume that the “babby” joke would wear thin after a while, but the account has been going since July, and with 167 tweets so far it hasn’t lost any steam. It’s silly, yes, but there’s something weirdly genuine about @BabbyTips that makes it really special.

@BabbyTips is run by @RealKevKage, an expectant father and generally great guy. You can follow him too if you’d like, especially if you love people live-tweeting WWE events.

Why You Should Follow: @BabbyTips is the kind of thing that we’re not going to be able to talk you into. It’s something you see and love instantly, or just don’t get. That’s fine, but we think the best way to get you on board with @BabbyTips is to just share some of our favorites. So:

Great @BabbyTips Tweets:

We had a hard time not just listing every single @BabbyTips tweet. They’re all wonderful.

babby needs more followers

(via @BabbyTips)

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