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Stop Everything You’re Doing and Look at These Pictures of Karen Gillan Dressed as Mario

Its'a me, Amelia Pond!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and this year we’re thankful for this photo shoot Karen Gillan threw up on her Twitter that features her dressed as Mario. Not “Sexy” Mario, either (not that there’s anything wrong with that) — a proper Mario with overalls and a big doofy hat and gloves. Bless your wonderful Scottish heart, Karen.

The only problem with these pictures is that we can’t tell how long her hair has gotten since finishing up on Guardians of the Galaxy. Not that we’re tracking its growth or anything because we’re totally obsessed with short-as-heck pixie cuts on attractive women. Nope. It’s definitely not a Natalie Portman post-V for Vendetta situation we’re having right now at all.

(via Karen Gillain on Twitter)

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