Ruby Rose in RWBY

Who Owns RWBY? Answered

RWBY cannot be BOUGHT. RWBY must be FREE. Free to shoot scythe sniper rifles at the Twin Gods themselves! Who dares think that they can possess such a whimsical series?

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Who indeed?

RWBY was once owned by Rooster teeth, a subsidiary of Warner Bros responsible for a ton of animation projects including the beloved Halo fan made series Red vs. Blue. Perhaps Rooster Teeth’s most famous project was RWBY, which ran for a handful of seasons and spawned two films, one of which saw its titular team pair up with DC’s Justice League. Alas, Warner Bros was evidently not impressed, and scrapped the company after a good 20 odd years. Does this mean that it was all for naught? That RWBY is dead? far from it.

The rights to RWBY were acquired by Viz Media, a company that currently owns the rights to many high profile animated series. What must this mean? That there’s gonna be new seasons of RWBY coming, babes. “As you can tell, this is a huge opportunity to grow our audience and expand into the future. In talking with VIZ, they’re also very excited about this” said series co-creator Kerry Shawcross. “We are currently in talks with them about RWBY’s future, and we’re very hopeful for what’s to come for this beloved series.”

What’s RWBY about?

RWBY is set in the fictional world of Remnant, which is teeming with the Creatures of Grimm, shadowy forces of a God of Darkness. Who can hope to defeat these beasts? Four teenage girls! Each one of the girls has their own weapons and powers, and they’re currently studying to become Huntresses at Beacon Academy in order to fight the forces of darkness. It’s kind of a magical girl anime, excerpt instead of conquering monsters with love, they use high powered rifle bullets.

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