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Florida Town Names Vanilla Ice Citizen Of The Year

Yo, Model Citizen, let's kick it!


On February 26th Wellington, Florida will name Rob Van Winkle, AKA rapper turned real estate mogul and Kraft macaroni and cheese enthusiast Vanilla Ice, with an Outstanding Citizen of The Year Award for his “spirit of giving and dedication.” Ice is, indeed, working it.

Van Winkle–no relation to Geekosystem Associate Editor Dan Van Winkle, except in spirit–has lived in the town for 10 years, and films his DIY house-flipping reality show The Vanilla Ice Project there. The 45 year old rhymer has made a name/fortune for himself in real estate, and gives seminars to help others learn how to do the same.

Said Ice in an interview with TIME, “Because my show is so popular, it’s gotten a lot of questions from people wondering how to do it themselves. I love giving the information out. It’s not the same as all the courses from before the market turned upside down.”

If the ceremony is televised, hopefully no one in attendance is a member of the Witness Protection Program trying to escape a dark past. If you know what I’m talking about, then you’ve seen Cool As Ice, and there is no shame in that my friend, no shame at all.

Go ninja, go ninja, go!

(via UPI, image via Drew Ressler)


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