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Reserve Now If You Want To Dine At A Florida Mcdonald’s Tonight

The perfect way to show someone you'll love them!



If you’re sick of the demanding consumerism that comes with celebrating the people you love today, Ernesto Izquierdo works at a Mcdonald’s in Tampa and totally gets it. Thankfully she got her restaurant to take reservations tonight, so we can all celebrate love on the cheap. Yes, it’s the most Florida thing to ever–but isn’t it also kind of sweet?

Two Tampa Mcdonald’s will be taking reservations tonight thanks to Iquierdo, a mother of three who suggested that the fast-food joints would be a sweet but cheap alternative to pricier places.

Iquierdo even thinks a Valentines dinner at McDonalds will cheer up single people, saying, “remember this does not have to be romantic, it could be a dad taking his daughter for Valentine’s Day Dinner, and it will be special if they share it with us.”

Although it’s easy to laugh about sharing one of the most-hyped nights of the year with a company known for Happy Meals and hairnets, Iquierdo’s budget-friendly idea makes sense to me, especially since she says the restaurant will be working hard to create a romantic atmosphere.

She promises, “We will have a section reserved for those Valentine’s Day diners and the tables will be decorated with table cloths, and flowers and hearts everywhere. The servers will be nicely dressed and take everyone’s order.”

That’s definitely not your typical McDonald’s experience. Here’s hoping that the ice cream is still unidentifiable as dairy and the special sauce has unpronounceable ingredients, because that’s how I like it.

If a casually corporate McDonald’s dinner tonight sounds appealing, you better rush to make reservations: Izquierdo’s branch already has a whopping twenty-five tables booked for tonight, and counting.

Says the fast food cupid, “We have more reservations than we expected already, but we will make it work and keep everyone happy and smiling, because that is what we do best”

For reservations, call (813) 988-6700 or  (813) 876-5412. If they offer ball-pit access, I’m sold.

(Jezebel via 10News  , image via Judy Baxter)


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