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Blink and You’ll Miss Barry Allen in CW’s First Ever The Flash Trailer


It’s hard to exactly cut to the heart of a character in a less-than-a-minute long trailer, but I feel like the CW definitely accomplished it in this one. Slow, dramatic Green Arrow bow-drawing montage interrupted by a giant speed-running dork? Yeah, that’s the Flash. Perfectly executed, team.

Because Barry is so — well, fast — we don’t get much of a look at his costume, but here’s the best screencap we could wrangle:


I still think the line of his jaw makes him look like the Crimson Chin, and I can already hear the collective groans of cosplayers everywhere (matching both the colors and the mixed fabrics is gonna be a real pain), but considering just how much of a dork the Flash actually is, they could have done a lot worse. Really, the characterization is much more important than the costume, and they seem to have that down. I’ve gone from being cautiously neutral to super-excited for this show. Now, if only you guys at CW would give me Barbara Gordon in all her eidetic glory!

(via Variety)

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