Western Meets Zelda: Fistful of Rupees is Live [Video]

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As we’d written about previously, the glorious The Legend of Zelda-themed Western, Fistful of Rupees, has debuted today! The series is from The Game Station and stars Lisa Foiles as Zelda, Rawn as Colonel Ganon, and TJ Smith as Link. Part 1: “The Wisdom,” focuses mainly on the introduction of the respective players, with a few nods and winks at secondary characters, while also setting up the reason that our silent protagonist is on his quest. The other two, which you can watch after the jump, continue this plot to its unavoidable end. It is dangerous to go alone, take this link — ha — and share it with all your friends.
Part 2: “The Power”

Part 3: “The Courage”

(via YouTube)

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